Champion Technician HVAC Institute


9943 Lifeline Ct Suite E

Mobile, AL 36608



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Champion Technician Institute prepares individuals to be able to immediately go out and perform residential service calls. Once they have learned the proper dress code, internal paperwork and dispatch procedures of the company, they will then be able to apply them in the field while maintaining the standards of excellence expected by their employer. Our classes are limited by design to accommodate no more than 10 students per class or instructor to guarantee this is accomplished. With the help of over 20 individually specialized repair stations, we can ensure an in depth “hands on” course to accomplish our goal. Throughout our program, we will constantly stress the professional attitude, appearance, communication skills and repair or replace procedures of a professional technician.

This is a 30-day fast-track program designed to fulfill what I see as a gap in the HVAC industry. We need qualified technicians in the marketplace today, not a year from now. Whether it is someone that has never worked in the industry or a current technician, this course will teach them the basics of electricity, refrigeration, and troubleshooting. They will leave with a solid foundation of electrical circuits, how to read wiring diagrams, tools of the trade, safety and hazard prevention, the basic fundamentals of refrigeration cycle, and how to troubleshoot it.

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