Spotlight On Our Local Museums

One thing you can count on every summer is local museums being open and filled with interesting exhibits.

Beside the already rich cultural history of Mobile, local museums sometimes host exhibits that celebrate everything from the science behind natural phenomenon to the animals that roamed Mobile in the Ice age.

Here, we’ll let you know what’s happening in some of our favorite local museums this summer.

Mobile Carnival Museum

  • If you haven’t been to the Mobile Carnival Museum, the time to go is NOW. There you can learn about the history of Mardi Gras in Mobile from its first celebration in America to Joe Cain. They have the dresses, crowns, scepters, and all beautiful things made for Mardi Gras royalty every year. If you want to have a tour of the museum, it is open to the general public from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. You can find how to schedule a private tour and more on their website.

History Museum of Mobile

  • While the Carnival museum gives you a detailed look at one part of Mobile history, the History Museum of Mobile gives you a glimpse at all 300 years of the city’s history with interactive exhibits. The beautiful museum contains donated local artifacts in its many exhibits, a central courtyard with a giant statue wearing a Phrygian cap (the smurf hat), and a 10-foot long civil war era cannon that weighs 5000 pounds! Until August 26, 2018, you can also find ancient fossils of long-forgotten animals in their Ice Age Imperials exhibit. Adults can tour the museum for 10 dollars, 9a to 5p Monday through Saturday, and 1p to 5p on Sunday. For more information on ticket pricing and exhibits, visit their website.

Gulf Coast Exploreum

  • The Exploreum has something interesting for the whole family. In place of traditional exhibits, the Exploreum opts for interactive experiences that explore science and technology. Kids ages 0-5 can enjoy the Wharf of Wonder a play area that encourages the creative and adventurous side of the children. Older kids can learn about the inner workings of the body through 50+ custom made interactive exhibits in the My BodyWorks section of the Exploreum. For everyone else, there is an IMAX theatre that plays space and nature-themed movies daily. To learn about more exhibits and events, check out their facebook page.

The Fort of Colonial Mobile

  • Located in downtown Mobile, is a piece of history unique to our city. Built on July 4, 1976, in celebration of the United States bicentennial, this museum is ⅓ the size of the colonial fort (Fort Conde) that it was modeled after. The history of the original fort lives on in the museum through a self-guided tour, armory, colonial photo booth, shooting gallery, and even an escape room. If you enjoyed what The Fort has to offer, then you should also take a duck boat tour and eat at Sylvia's (both of which are located inside The Fort). For more information on ticket prices and events happening at The Fort, check out their website and facebook page.

These are just a few of the many museums that hold the rich history of Mobile and its people. Here’s a list of many other museums around Mobile that you may want to explore:

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